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YANA CHURIKOVA – the brightest star on Russian television and one of the most popular TV presenters in the country.

Yana Churikova has been the host of many programmes such as “Cruel Games”, Good Morning”, Song Story”, “Objective”, Big Cinema”, Red Star, “The Universal Actor”, “Golden Gramophone”, “Together with Dolphins”, music festivals “Heats” and “Christmas on the Rosa Khutor” and many more.

Yana’s popularity peaked when she was cast for the “Star Factory” show. Her talent and charisma saw her lead the project for 9 season and make it one of the most popular shows on Russian TV at that time.

Russian viewers will associate Yana’s voice with the live broadcasts on Channel 1 of the “Eurovision Song Contest” where she is a commentator as well as with other famous music shows.

Yana’s career has seen her work as the chief editor of many programmes, she also headed the Russian publication of “Viva!” magazine.

In 2013 she became the chief of the legendary channel “MTV Russia” and in 2014 Yana was appointed Head of Youth and Music Television Channels for Viacom in Russia.

Thanks to her incredible erudition, sense of humour and charm, Yana easily captivates the audience attention whether in a small chamber hall or huge concert venues.

That is why an event which is hosted by Yana Churikova automatically acquires “star” status.




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