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Kirill Nabutov


KIRILL VIKTOROVICH NABUTOV - the Soviet and Russian sports commentator, the television journalist, the TV presenter, the producer. He worked as the commentator on the Olympic games in Moscow, Seoul, Barcelona, Sarajevo, Lillehammer, Nagano, Sydney, Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi.

Kirill Nabutov in 1988-1990 was one of leaders of the program "Telecourier". In 1991 has created the author's program "Adam's apple", become by the man's television magazine first in the USSR. "The Adam's Apple" left on the Leningrad television (1991-1993), and on the All-Russia channel "RTR" (1993-1998). In 1997-1998 conducted the program "No a tuxedo" on «5 channel».

Kirill Nabutov in 1998 became owner Gran-Pri of competition of journalists of Petersburg and Leningrad region "the Gold feather-1997". Since 1999 - the author and the leader of programs "One day" and "Rescue Service" on NTV channel. Since 2001 conducted programs "Behind glass" and "One day" on TV-6. In 2003-2004 - the main producer of a broadcasting company of NTV. There was the leader of programs "A fear Factor: Siberia", "One day. The new version", "The Olympic secrets of Russia", "Fight for the North", etc. In 2010-2012 one of leaders of entertaining show "Cruel games" on "the First channel". In 2014 conducted sports show "Big races". Per 2015 made comments on teleshow "Together with dolphins". In 2016 together with Yana Churikova conducted the program "Without the insurance".

Kirill Nabutov - the popular leader of solemn, official, celebratory actions. The talent, experience, professionalism allow it to have holidays of any format masterly.


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