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Роман Емельянов


ROMAN EMELIANOV - the showman, actor, producer, general director of the "European media group", the numerous winner of the "Radio mania" awards. Roman is widely known as the presenter of the program "Gold Gramophone", author and the leader of weekly show in "Radio Russian" "Show of Villains", the judge of musical competition the "Factor A" and the leader of comic show on TV channel "Russia-1" - "Make laugh the comedian".
Roman has finished Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School, but to the full talent has revealed on radio. Having received in 1996 work as leader on one of the most popular radio stations of the country - "Autoradio", at once has made bright career.
Within a year became the creative producer, and then has continued creative activity on such legendary radio stations, as "Radio 7 on Seven Hills", "Eldoradio" and "Retro FM" where became the author of idea of festival "Legend of Retro FM". From 2007 till 2015 was the program director of "Radio Russian".
The unique manner of conducting and joke on topic of the day have allowed Roman to become a star as well on television - so, in 2007 it became from the program "Retromania" ("Ren TV"), then - to leaders of such shows as "Make laugh the comedian" and the televersion of festival "Jürmala" (2014). Thus regularly plays profit-making films and participates in theatrical performances - in luggage of Roman ten roles in cinema and theatre.
The flashing sense of humour, brilliant talent of the improvisator, charm and ability is thin to joke on any vital topics - it does all Roman Emelianov by the welcome guest of actions of any scale.


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