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VYACHESLAV MANUCHAROV - film and theater actor, impersonator, singer, one of the most popular TV presenters of the country.

Became known to the public in 2008, when he accepted an offer to take part in the brightest comic project on Russian TV  – show of parodies "Big difference". During the project Vyacheslav played the most famous Russian and world-known celebrities. It's difficult to count the number of persons who were parodied by the actor.

Featured in more then 50 films in different genres - children's movies, historical, comedy etc. Among them "Anna Karenina", "Lovey-Dovey", "Tender May", "My Crazy Family", "Good kids' land "and many others. Also actor plays many roles in theatre.

Charisma and talent of the actor helped him to make a brilliant career in television. After participating in the project "Big Difference" Vyacheslav was invited to projects  "Taste of Life", "Fire & Ice" (Channel One), "10 reasons to fall in love" (MUZ TV), "Rich and Famous" (STS) and others.

Vyacheslav regularly carries out master classes in television sphere and dramatic arts. Vyacheslav's multifaceted talent allows him to host masterfully event of any format - from formal ceremonies to family and national feast, so while none of guests will not be bored.


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