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YURIY SMYSLOV was born in the military city of Vologda-20 near Vologda. Musical talent at Yuriy have made out early, and already in five years he has arrived in music school on a piano class at garrison Officers' Club. Except the piano, already after the termination music school, he has mastered a bayan and a guitar. It has allowed Smyslov to organize in the eighth class the first rock group - school ensemble "Search". Besides school discotheque, the collective "served" also military holidays in garrison. In 15 years Jura has moved to Vologda where has arrived in musical school on a piano class. After three years of training has come it is time to serve in army. Served near Petersburg and on Caucasus.

After army Yuriy Smyslov has returned to school, and on life earned performances at the Vologda restaurants. From 2006 to 2010 for a summer season the musician went to work on the Sochi coast, and continued to play institutions of Vologda in the winter. In Adler and Vologda it supervised over musical ensembles, periodically were corporative shows in Moscow. By this time of Senses already actively composed songs and in 2010 has written down the first solo album «Thank you», all compositions for which has composed itself. Gradually the disk has reached and capitals. The header song of an album «Thank you» is a recognized hit of Smyslov and often sounds on the air of radio stations.

Yuriy Smyslov took part in a various telecasting. In 2012 he has passed selection on TV-show «The Factor A». Thanks to TV-channel "Russia" Smyslov and its song the wide audience has get to know.

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